What is the BTMS?


The BTMS comes from a BMS, an electronic system located inside the battery. Integrated among technologies using rechargeable batteries, the Battery Management System allows the battery functions to work properly and acts as a regulator.

Used for example in our smartphones and portable devices, this Battery Management System is also present in all electrical vehicule batteries.

Indeed, the most modern Li-ion batteries are very efficient but can also be dangerous if they fail or are misused. Li-ion cells are sensitive in harsh environment, such as very low or very high temperatures, extreme operating conditions, external disturbances or shocks. To ensure the safety of the rechargeable batteries and prevent risks, it is therefore essential to monitor the temperature of each cell.

Thus, the BTMS is an advanced BMS with an added thermal function (Battery Thermal Management System) which monitors and regulates the temperature of all cells.


Features, missions and main responsibilities


While the battery is the heart of the system, the BTMS is the brain. As the primary guarantor of safety, the main mission of a BTMS is to control the charge and discharge phases of the battery, which often generates very high temperatures.

By continuously measuring voltage, current and temperature, the Battery Thermal Management System stops charging or discharging when the battery reaches a critical point of being damaged. When all parameters are perfectly adjusted, BTMS is able to detect and treat the slightest anomaly: overcharging, overdischarging, short circuits, overpressure, overheating, overvoltage, overcurrent, undertemperature.

A true control room at the heart of the reactor, the BTMS is a smart tool which, in the event of an incident or dangerous situation, must be able to regulate the system in order to make maximum safe use of the battery and, if necessary, to stop the flow of energy.


e-Mersiv: a new generation BTMS that lives up to its ambitions


Capitalising on more than 20 years of experience in BMS and thermal management, e-Mersiv has developed and designed its own system called e-BTMS.

Committed to a perpetual dynamic of research and innovation, e-Mersiv has set itself three objectives in the design of its BTMS:

– the highest level of safety

– the best performance

– the longest life span.

Indeed, thanks to the development and control of complex algorithms only supported by e-Mersiv, the e-BTMS is able to provide the best performance/safety ratio.

While most BTMSs simply take measurements, e-Mersiv’s BTMS guarantees total control of the cooling loop and makes no compromise between safety and performance.


e-BTMS, the ‘anti-ageing’ serum to optimise battery life


Serum anti-âge

Sometimes considered as a secondary function, the BTMS is in fact an essential strategic element of the battery. Responsible for its safety, the BTMS also optimises its lifespan.



Guaranteeing a constant ambient temperature inside the battery, the e-Mersiv BTMS ensures temperature homogeneity between the cells over time. Where most cells are affected by temperature differences that lead to reduced performance and accelerated wear, the Battery Thermal Management System ensures perfect balancing. Thanks to its technology, e-Mersiv offers up to 30% longer lifetime.


Safe access to ultra-fast charging


Fast charge

During the test phases, the e-BTMS proved its effectiveness in maintaining a homogeneous temperature, even at very high power, and in stopping any fire spreading from one cell to another in the event of thermal runaway.


Thanks to this high level of safety and combined with the battery’s immersion cooling technology, the e-BTMS opens the door to ultra-fast charging. It is now possible to safely recharge the vehicle in less than 10 minutes, without damaging the life of the cell.


Collecting data in real time



Finally, to meet the new challenges of immersion cooling, e-Mersiv has also developed an internal wireless communication solution to eliminate cabling and ensure a perfect seal. Remotely connected to a series of sensors, the system performs meticulous data collection base and offers the possibility of reliable and accurate real-time reporting.


Efficient and state-of-the-art system, e-Mersiv‘s e-BTMS boosts battery capacity and operation. By taking up the technical challenges of today and tomorrow, e-Mersiv hopes to remove the obstacles to the democratisation of electric vehicles.



More information on: e-mersiv.com

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