HIT Battery (High performance Technology battery) is a project led by e-Mersiv.

Its goal is to significantly improve the performance of batteries for electric and hybrid vehicles. HIT Battery will be presented in the i-Nov innovation competition, sponsored and supported by BPI France and Ademe. This excellence competition is dedicated to innovative single-partner projects led by startups and SMEs. It’s leading to promote the accelerated emergence of companies, leaders in their field that can claim to be born global.

All projections show that by 2030, electric vehicles will represent 40% of sales in Europe. Manufacturers will therefore be forced to widen their range of electric vehicles in order to respond effectively to the demand and comply with increasingly strict CO2 quota mechanisms.

The current constraints related to the purchase of electric vehicles will have to be lifted in order to support this growth. The consumers barriers are: the poor autonomy, the high cost and the charging problems.

The HIT Battery project is the right solution to meet these challenges because it allows the development of high-performance batteries.

In addition to being fully charged in 10 minutes, the batteries manufactured in this project have a longer lifetime than the existing solutions. More importantly, the immersion cooling technology reduces the risk of short circuits and even fire.
Finally, they can be easily integrated into the different future vehicle platforms.

The ID4CAR label is a public acknowledgement of the ecological and economic excellence of the HIT Battery project which rewards the efforts and vision of the e-Mersiv teams.

ID4CAR accelerates the excellence of French western companies and their influence in Europe. It relies on 3 labels: the competitiveness cluster which goal is to increase the attractiveness of French companies through innovation, the ARIA, for the automotive and mobility sector and finally the Gold label, the highest performance distinction of European clusters standards.

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